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Are you a Consciousness Entrepreneur?

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Are you one of those people who gets concerned when you look at the world? Do you shake your head when you look at politicians and corporations and their endless scheming? Do you do that, while remembering that they are people too, focusing more on how you can contribute with your gifts than how they should change?

Consciousness Entrepreneur: A person of passion and power who feels most alive when challenging his comfort zone. He spearheads the evolution of consciousness. She is empowered and wants to change the world from a place of wisdom, service and inclusiveness. She brings her unique self and the wisdom of her journey to a people hungry for meaning, authenticity and transformation.

These are people who see what is wrong without losing themselves to the blame game. They take Gandhi's quote seriously by "being the change".

I know these people because I am one of those people. And so, I suspect, are you. And what you have been telling me for a while now is that it's hard to find webdesigners who really get you. They may be skilled technically or creatively, but they often lack the insight which you require in order to feel fully seen.

On the other end of the spectrum are those webdesigners who have done a lot of inner work and have good hearts, but who have fallen so in love with the cliches of spirituality that your website comes back drowned in lotus flowers, rainbows and butterflies.

Unconscious or uncool - not a very satisfying pair of options.

With Conscious Webdesign, you won't have to choose. I will help you with resources to build the website of your dreams. And if you so desire, I'll be honored to custom-make an amazing website just for you.

My work comes with 13 years of deep inner work combined with 15 years of award-winning webdesign. If that sounds good, why not check out my services? I look forward to getting to know you.

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum

I've struggled with my website for years. It drained me of energy and money and still I wasn't satisfied. After meeting Eivind, working on my website has become fun. The way he speaks with me has put me in touch with my authentic self and vision, which has opened up new doors inside of me. New things are becoming possible and ten year old visions are starting to manifest. Thank you, Eivind!

– Alanja Forsberg
Consciousness trainer
(website in progress)

Webdesign Services

Free consultation

I offer a free 30 minute consultation if you're not yet sure if you want to work with me and what you want to do together.

Book free consultation »


Want help with planning your website, but don't want to shell out for the full job? I'll help you get clarity on where to go, organize your thoughts and send you off in the right direction. Expect to leave our conversation with clarity of mind, clear priorities and an action plan. This conversation will give you access to resources that a free consultation won't.

Investment: $100 per 1h consultation

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Web site development plans


Theme me up, Scotty

  • One hour consultation
  • Website based on any of the themes on WooThemes or
  • Wordpress installed and configured on your own WP-Engine account*
  • Up to five pages, including front page
  • Blog with commenting (not counted as a page)
  • Website designed using the theme's built-in functions
  • Half an hour of training
  • Basic SEO
  • Newsletter Integration with: Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor, ConstantContact, InfusionSoft or Aweber
  • Social media integration with Facebook, Twitter and G+
  • Analytics



Peacock feathers

  • Everything from "Theme Me Up, Scotty" plus:
  • Sexy design unique to you
  • Custom built content management system
  • Full training (up to 2 hours)
  • Up to 6 pages, including front page
  • Backup system



Digital Nirvana

  • Everything from previous packages plus:
  • Responsive design (adapts dynamically to all devices)
  • Up to 10 pages/subpages, including front page

NB: None of the packages include web application development. If you need a custom-made booking system, calendar system etc, it will come extra.


* I require that you host your website on Wp-Engine. They're what I'm used to and they're solid. If you want another host, then I can help you, but at additional cost.

Custom packages

In the pretty likely event that none of the packages above fit you exactly right, contact me and we'll customize the package for you.

Important preparation

All development packages require that you have been through the four powerful questions. This is my way of respecting your time. I know from experience that the foundation that those questions create will make the subsequent work quicker and more precise. If you didn't sign up using the form at the end of the video above, here's another chance to dig into these invaluable lessons:

About Conscious Webdesign

If you’re into consciousness, spirituality, healing modalities and transformational practices, one of the challenges you’ll face sooner or later is communicating what your work is really about to your designer. For many people, this process can be frustrating.

In my experience, Graphic Design is at its best when the designer understands the message or the product on a deep level. When it comes to mainstream products and services, this understanding can generally be gained after an interview or a workshop with the client. When it comes to your work, however, true understanding of the message may require a decade of deep inner work. But you are antsy to get going! With good reason - this is your life work!

What would it mean to you to be able to sit down with your designer and be truly understood? What would it mean to sit with a designer who sees that you are on this planet to give a gift, unique to you, and that the price of not giving that is almost unbearable?

As a course and workshop leader, coach, founder of Authentic Norway, long-time meditator, consciousness geek and student of Integral philosophy, I get what these things are about. I know intimately the pain of wanting to share a gift with the world and not knowing how to do that. That is my gift to you.

Who is Eivind F. Skjellum?

I am an award-winning webdesigner, workshop facilitator and long-term spiritual practitioner from Norway. My vision is to produce sexy websites with soul for Consciousness Entrepreneurs. By maximizing their impact, I wish to contribute to a better world.

I have built my expertise through more than a decade of working in various high-level work environments such as Opera Software (creator of the popular web browser). I now understand the Web better than most people. In 2012, that was made formal when I won, together with my then-colleagues in Sigarett design, the gold medal in the industry’s own competition for our work on Bacardi’s Norwegian website (jury comment in video below. Norwegian only).

With Conscious Webdesign, an old dream is coming true. I have finally been able to merge my normal career with my passion for evolution. I'm excited! And I want to take that experience and excitement and help you manifest your vision.


If you’re still here, I gather that you’re on board with what you’re reading. If so, I want to work with you. You’re my kind of person. You want to change the world. You want to live your passion and purpose. And you want to laugh and love as you do it. If so, I'm a fan! :)

Since we’re clearly off to a good start, why not contact me? If we don’t end up working together, we will at least’ve had some fun together.

Talk soon?

...we created a website that showed our core tenets of presence, appreciation and integrity, in a humorous, quick and practical interaction. Eivind is definitely a star in combining spirituality with cool web design. Highly recommended!

– Wouter Slegers
Authentic Europe


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