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Conscious Webdesign market research

With Conscious Webdesign, I combine my award-winning webdesign with my 12-year-long wholistic life practice. My vision is to address a problem many Consciousness Entrepreneurs have; they find communication with their webdesigner hard because they don’t speak the same language, they don’t share the same values or the designer doesn’t understand the level of consciousness which they’re operating at.

Conscious Webdesign aims to bring fun, passion, consciousness and uncompromising integrity to the work of creating a website with impact.

In order to gauge the interest for this kind of service, I would love your help in answering these quick questions. It will take you 3-4 minutes and will help me a lot!

If you like, as a thank you for your help, add a little info about you and what you do at the end of the survey and I will print it in a later blog post. Could be a good way for you to get some exposure!

Thanks so much!


The secret to smooth, fun-filled website creation: Wireframing

Hi Consciousness Entrepreneurs! If you’ve been through my free mini-course “The 4Ws – four questions for a WWW with Wisdom” (sign up here), you should already have a lot of ideas about your website and some clarity on how to follow through with them.

That mini-course is really designed to prepare you for starting the work with your website, so that you can get the badass, conscious website that you really want!

Now for the next step: Wireframing (I’ll probably include this in the course soon)!

Wireframing is the process of using simple symbols and geometric shapes to quickly draft your website. It will help you get even more clarity about your website, and may even give you the confidence to start building it yourself. Not bad!

moqupslogoDo I hear ecstatic screams of enthusiasm? Well, this should get you excited! Wireframing is a bit like getting out the LEGO blocks from childhood again and really getting creative, in a fun and simple way.

Through the folks at, I was made aware of a smart little wireframing tool called Moqups.

After playing around with it for about five minutes, I could export this wireframe:



It’s so simple that anyone can do it (even if you think you are creatively stupid)!

If you choose to work with me at one point, I will invite you to spend some time in Moqups like this. Or we can do that together. At any rate, wireframing is a fantastic way for you to start getting ownership of your website and to get real clarity about where to go. I recommend giving it a try right now!

You can start playing with Moqups this very moment. Many of the features are available for free. If you want access to advanced functions, you will have to pay however. AppSumo currently features this product at a 75% discount.

But you can use Moqups even without paying. Make your Moqup, preview it, and then you can take a screenshot of it. On Mac, use Command-Shift-4 and then select the part of the screen you want to take a screenshot of. On Windows, just use the PrintScreen button, or if you have Evernote installed, use Windows+PrintScreen and capture the part of the screen you want.

Share the wireframe (s) with your friends and family for some quick, fun feedback. Or share it with me when you finally want to build the website super professionally.

Happy wireframing!


Introducing the 4Ws


I’m excited to tell you that I’m very close to finalizing a first draft of the free gift I’m planning. It’s a free mini-course which I call “The 4Ws – four key questions for a killer conscious website”. It will take you through exercises and reflections that will help prepare you for creating that killer website that you so desperately want.

Expect it to launch within a few days. I’d love to have you beta-test them with me. I’m sure with our combined wisdom, I can improve on them even more so that subsequent readers can be served even better.

Thanks and see you soon!


Welcome, consciousness entrepreneur!

The time has come to welcome you to the blog of Conscious Webdesign. Here you will find lots of valuable hints, tips, resources, web site reviews etc in the time to come. My wish is to make this a one-stop resource for you who are working to set up your website as a consciousness entrepreneur.

I want to add, as I talk about improving your website, that this website is still very much a work in progress. I haven’t applied all of my own teachings here and much design and development work remains. Expect it to look totally different within a few months. (no, my branding process is not done!)

Why have I chosen to publish an unfinished website? In order to let you see how setting up a business can be done. One of the best teachings any budding entrepreneur can receive is “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough”.

So while the perfectionist in me is squirming by being exposed in this way, my business is benefitting from it. I can’t reach you if I’m not broadcasting my message, right?!

So I thank you for your patience as I sit here with my pants down! 😛 And I hope following my efforts to get going with this new business will prove useful for you. As inspiration for setting up your own business or conscious website.

Anyway, I want to help you give your gift to the world in the time to come. Too many bright people are playing it small. Time to change that!

I look forward to seeing what great things we can create together.

Let’s pop the champagne! Cheers, my friend :)