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With Conscious Webdesign, I combine my award-winning webdesign with my 12-year-long wholistic life practice. My vision is to address a problem many Consciousness Entrepreneurs have; they find communication with their webdesigner hard because they don’t speak the same language, they don’t share the same values or the designer doesn’t understand the level of consciousness which they’re operating at.

Conscious Webdesign aims to bring fun, passion, consciousness and uncompromising integrity to the work of creating a website with impact.

In order to gauge the interest for this kind of service, I would love your help in answering these quick questions. It will take you 3-4 minutes and will help me a lot!

If you like, as a thank you for your help, add a little info about you and what you do at the end of the survey and I will print it in a later blog post. Could be a good way for you to get some exposure!

Thanks so much!


2 thoughts on “Conscious Webdesign market research

  1. I think that the challenge in webdesign is to communcate the invisible, the things which actually only can be experienced. How can that be put into a form if it has no form????

    That is the big question for me. To convey feelings, impressions, emotions is an art and webdesign who has that as a goal is the future. That I truly believe. perhaps also a certain type of real honesty, so often called authenticity.

    1. Hi Karina, yeah that resonates. It’s a tricky thing. And one that I aspire to!

      One of the keys in working with a Consciousness Entrepreneur is to get under their skin so as to get a taste of the essential feeling of what they do and want to convey. It’s not so much about data, about cerebral processes.

      It’s more about the gut and the heart. And the soul and spirit too. It’s about the “why” and not the “what” and “how”.

      What’s your why for what you do?


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